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Martin Stummer
- A German environmentalist, wildlife collector, adventurer and author.
- A conservation activist who passionately cares about the preservation of nature and deeply laments its desecration.

Martin Stummer ( 12 March 1940 - 12 August 2021)  is a German environmentalist who caused a zoological sensation in the late sixties, being the first and only one who located the extremely rare and endangered Mountain Tapir in the jungles of South America.

One of the last great collectors of wildlife and respected in the elite field of zoology, Martin Stummer had lived a dangerous but exciting life among unexplored jungle tribes, encountered bizarre sexual rituals and experienced the magical power of trees and their revelations.

At the peak of his career, he gave up wildlife collection and retired to a small tropical island somewhere in the Indo-Pacific Ocean to build his own "fairy tale kingdom."

Europeans might have seen him in ARD, ZDF, RTL and many other television stations while being interviewed about his exotic island NAGARAO where strange stories abound.

He published his major book “The Man in the Fairy Tale Isle” in 2017. The book documents his journeys and adventures in pursuit of wildlife preservation  and environment conservation in different parts of the world.

Apart from “The Man in the Fairy Tale Isle” published in English, Stummer also published FOUR BOOKS in German dealing with wildlife and the environment and ONE BOOK in German on his philosophical reflections about the German society.
All books are available at Amazon in Paperback and Kindle versions. 

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