Photos of some of the highlights of the colorful life
of Martin Stummer

Martin Stummer Trobiand Island

Left: As "King Martin I" on his island Nagarao. Middle: Martin Stummer at his favorite destination, the "Islands of Free Love" in the South Seas (Trobriand, Melanesia). Right: One of his many TV appearances, this time at the ARD .

Martin Stummer King of Nagarao Island

Almost all the newspapers and magazines report on the "King of Nagarao", Stern 1989, Quick and then again 1992 Stern under the title: "Robinson's Heirs". 

German adventurer Martin Stummer

Photos from previous Ecuadorian expeditions: Left: Martin Stummertransporting my expedition guests on balsa rafts on the Mangosiza river. This amazonian region is inhabited by the once headhunting Shuar tribe. Right: exploring the jungle in a dugout canoe.

Martin Stummer Amazon expedition

Martin Stummer on an Amazonian expedition.

Martin Stummer Rare animal collector

Some of the articles about Martin Stummer published in German newspapers.

Martin Stummeris a daring adventurer but he also tries to be a good father. He has nine children and he has brought some of them to the Amazonian jungle to catch Piranhas and play with Indio kids. One of his sons, from his first marriage, was only 10 years old at the time. 

Martin Stummer wife Bell
Martin Stummer children

MartinStummer  with his wife, Bell, and their small children: (Andrea, Elea and Leo aged 6, 9 and 10). Taken when he revisited Nagarao Island in 2016. It was a joyful time spent with his former Filipino staff. For them he still is the King of the Island.

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